In Trace of TR: A Montana Hunter's Journey

As a student of American history as a hunter horseman and former Marine and as someone passionate about the West Dan Aadland had long felt a kinship with Theodore Roosevelt. One day on a single-footing horse lever-action rifle under his knee Aadland set out to become acquainted with TR as only those who shared his experiences could. In Trace of TR documents that quest inviting readers to ride along and get to know Theodore Roosevelt through the western environment that so profoundly influenced him.

Accompany Aadland as he rides the broad prairies in search of TRa's ai??prongbuckai?? tracks elk through the rugged Big Horn Mountains and pursues a glimpse of the grizzly in the Absaroka Wilderness. Along the way the authora's campfire musings and reflections on Roosevelta's writings further deepen and enrich this unique examination of our twenty-sixth president. With the trill of the western meadowlark and the bugle of the elk the creak of saddle leather and the scent of sage Aadlanda's journey takes readers into TRa's beloved Dakota Territory then and now offering a kindred spirita's moving deftly drawn portrait of both the land and the man across the space of a century.