In the Zone Leader: Playing Life God's Way

Sunday SchoolWITH A KICK! Faith in Motion The High-EnergyAlternative A LARGE & DIVERSE RANGE OF TEEN ISSUESCurrent Teen Topics Faith in Motion offers relevant and timely Bible answers to the tough real-life problems today 's teens face. A few samples of Faith in Motion lesson topics include __ Pop Culture __ Friends & Family __ Saying No __ Making an Impact __ Sports __ 7 Deadly Sins __ School __ Pressure __ Decision-Making A Vast Selection Faith in Motion now offers 140 Sunday School lessons, covering 20 relevant teen themes, with 7 lessons under each topic. Faith in Motion gives you 3 years of curriculum for your Early Teens (Grades 6 8). ENGAGING CONTENT & DESIGNHigh-Intensity Activities Faith in Motion class activities capture teen attention by confronting them with thorny dilemmas & serious questions ...and helps find solutions in the Bible. High-Energy Graphics Faith in Motion full-color student materials are produced in a unique slimline format, designed to appeal to teens accustomed to cutting-edge creativity in TV, Internet & video game graphics. REACHES OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM Faith in Motion is more than class curriculum. Accompanying activities outside the classroom can help build a youth program. With each 7-week series theme, Faith in Motion includes outside activity plans that tie in to the topic Theme-Based RetreatsTheme-Based Youth WorshipTheme-Based Field TripsTheme-Based Service Projects CLASSROOM-TESTED WITH RAVE REVIEWS Faith in Motion has been tested and used by Sunday School teachers across the country who give this teen curriculum high marks for Modern GraphicsEase of TeachingClear Life-Application MessagesYouth Interest & EnjoymentIn the Zone Playing Life God's Way Lessons on Christian living, taken from the world of sports. Session Titles Include: On the Team (Being Part of the Body) That's Not Fair (When Bad Things Happen) Crunch Time (Overcoming Fear) Ya Gotta Believe (Faith) Winners & Losers (Servant Leadership) Don't Take The Shortcut (Temptation) A Good Game Plan (Love)