In the Tradition of Ahlfors-Bers, VI: 5th Ahlfors-Bers Colloquium, March 24-27, 2011, Rice University, Houston, TX

The Ahlfors-Bers Colloquia commemorate the mathematical legacy of Lars Ahlfors and Lipman Bers. The core of this legacy lies in the fields of geometric function theory, Teichmuller theory, hyperbolic geometry, and partial differential equations. However, the work of Ahlfors and Bers has impacted and created interactions with many other fields of mathematics, such as algebraic geometry, dynamical systems, topology, geometric group theory, mathematical physics, and number theory. Recent years have seen a flowering of this legacy with an increased interest in their work. This current volume contains articles on a wide variety of subjects that are central to this legacy. These include papers in Kleinian groups, classical Riemann surface theory, translation surfaces, algebraic geometry and dynamics. The majority of the papers present new research, but there are survey articles as well.