In the Belly

Series: Phoenix Poets
Gewanter's poetry offers a sense of obstacles, and of obstacles not overcome but ridden and thus dealt with, and is nowhere better illustrated than in 'Conduct of Our Loves.' Read this poem in the book store and you will want to buy the book. --Thom Gunn from Conduct of Our Loves If the Angler fish can find a female he attaches his jaws to her genitals: their blood-systems unite, his heart withers, and he degenerates into a pulsing bag of sperm, fertilizing her unto death. Still she swims through the vaults of black waters, her angler glowing from its forehead stalk of flesh: a Diogenes barrelled by her mate and her young, prowling in God's hunger . . . ( Conduct of Our Loves first appeared in Ploughshares, vol. 18, no. 4) David Gewanter teaches writing at Harvard University. His poetry and prose appear in several journals, including Threepenny Review, Tikkun, Ploughshares, Triquarterly, and Agni, and in anthologies such as The National Poetry Competition and New Voices (Academy of American Poets).