In Search of Better Angels: Stories of Disability in the Human Family

`We must first understand others before we can care about them and we must care about them before we can love them. In this book, J David Smith takes us on a fascinating journey from understanding to caring to love'- Leonard O Pellicer, Dean, University of La Verne, La Verne, California In his book, In Search of Better Angels: Stories of Disability in the Human Family, author J David Smith appeals to the better angels of our character in a unique style of writing uncommon in literature for educational practitioners. The book seeks understanding for children with disabilities and the creation of a society that celebrates human diversity through a collection of stories. In Search of Better Angels discusses the challenges and possibilities for an inclusive educational system that accepts and welcomes students with disabilities. The stories presented throughout the book journey through the historical and scientific theories that shaped society's perception of people with disabilities. They include narratives of personal change and realizations, evaluations of trends in teaching and education for students with disabilities, and lessons we can learn as a society from people with disabilities and the qualities they possess