In Conflict and Order: Understanding Society

Viewing our society from a conflict perspective. This introductory text, written from a conflict perspective, emphasizes four themes: diversity, the struggle by the powerless to achieve social justice, the changing economy, and globalization. In Conflict and Order: Understanding Society studies the forces that lead to stability and change in society and asks: * Who benefits from the existing social arrangements, and who does not? * How are human beings shaped by society? * What are the forces that maintain social stability, produce social inequality, and resist social change? Teaching & Learning Experience This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience-for you and your students. Here's how: * Improve Critical Thinking - Students are encouraged to critically evaluate social sources of behavior and conflict. * Engage Students - The author provides examples of those who have been empowered to achieve positive social change. * Explore Theory - A conflict perspective is used to examine social structures. * Understand Diversity - This text examines economic global transformations in the U.S., the struggle to achieve social justice, and the inclusion of race, class, and gender. * Support Instructors - Instructor's Manual & Test Bank, and PowerPoint presentations are available.