In Bytes We Travel

In bits we marvel, in bytes we travel, this is a book written by a techie, Lin Hsin Hsin, which describes, navigates and encapsulates life in the cyberspace in five chapters: Net Life, Net.Net, Net Art, World Wide Web and NetFuture.It is here we savor the lifestyle of geeks and nerds, the cyber kindwunders and hear the voices of Netizens tunnelling through email. As we aspire and perspire in e-commerce, this book tells us how the author observed e-fraud and e-crimes that murder. Check out her views of aesthetics on the Net in the Net Art. In Net.Net, watch how she poetically portrays the beauty of firewall and protocols, and feel her frustration when a line drops. However, move on to the World Wide Web, pause and navigate together. As we look further, she asks can we be cyberly-punctured? As we wonder, this chapter offers a glimpse into the NetFuture. Whatever the case, as we nurture and mature in cyberspace, these are the bytes she has unraveled, hoping that you DON'T EVER miss this witty, humorous, unprecedented, unique 100-poems Net savvy poetry recital, sandwiched with the most lucid and sparkling images graphically created by the author in between chapters!