Improving the Global Economy: Keynesianism and the Growth in Output and Employment

Full employment and growth in the international economy remain the greatest economic challenges as we approach the twenty-first century. This important book, edited by two leaders in the field, rigorously examines these real world problems from a post Keynesian perspective and provides practical policy solutions for achieving growth and reducing unemployment. The increasing interdependence of world trade and the integration of capital markets has led to the globalization of the international economy. This globalization demands new policy prescriptions for international growth and employment without inflation. In order to combat stagflation, a distinguished group of authors suggests policies for achieving growth and employment within the framework of an entrepreneurial market system. They identify and evaluate the factors determining the expansion of the global economy and assess the impact of financial markets, derivatives and international regulations on domestic and global economic performance. Improving the Global Economy will be of special interest to policymakers, macroeconomists and all those concerned with global growth and employment issues.