Improving Speed and Accuracy in Keyboarding with Software Registration Card

Mixed media product
Improving Speed and Accuracy in Keyboarding (ISAK) is your complete individualized skillbuilding system designed to improve students' speed and accuracy in keyboarding. Most competitive keyboarding texts do not differentiate between speed and accuracy drills. Research has proven that students cannot simultaneously build speed and accuracy as each requires different actions and mindsets. In ISAK, each unit is made up three lessons focusing separately on speed, accuracy and technique, allowing students to practice and develop all aspects of their keyboarding skills. The new software to accompany this text is built off the successful technology behind GDP and GDP's best-selling features, especially MAP+. The brand new timed writings were designed with real-world occupations in mind which will provide realism and applicability to the course. The software is entirely web-based, eliminating CD-ROMs or partial local installs.