Imagist Dialogues: Letters between Aldington, Flint and Others

In this book Michael Copp introduces and annotates a collection of letters, almost all unpublished, documenting the lives, concerns and ambitions of many of the leaders of early 20th century literary modernism during the crucial period around the First World War.The names of Ezra Pound, Robert Frost, T. E. Hulme, Ford Madox Ford, H.D., Amy Lowell, and Harriet Monroe stand out for their stature while creating the perfect background to the in- depth analysis of two English Imagist poets: Richard Aldington and F.S. Flint. The letters here gathered span exactly sixteen years, from 1909 to 1925, thus covering the time when early Anglo-American literary modernism developed its identity and both Aldington and Flint played an important role in the Imagist circle. Thanks to his judicious selection of letters, his scholarly commentary and informative footnotes, Copp makes a valuable contribution to the study of the movement.