Illustrated Weather Eye

My husband was an erudite gentleman; an avid reader from childhood, his breadth of knowledge was extensive. He was also charming, vivacious and mischievously funny; all of which attributes, in addition to his love of literature, history and science, surfaced in his Weather Eye column over the years. Here, I have tried to select articles that demonstrate these aspects of his character so that the reader may delight in him afresh. From the Introduction by Anne McWilliams Brendan McWilliams column, Weather Eye, that was published daily for almost 2 decades in The Irish Times, was one of the most successful and best-loved features in modern Irish journalism. The book comprises Anne McWilliams' favourite pieces from Brendan's work which has not previously appeared in book form. Sometimes historical, sometimes scientific, sometimes literary, sometimes humorous - all the articles are informative, entertaining and display the authors great passion for imparting knowledge. Illustrated with complementary artwork and photographs this will make an ideal Christmas gift for all those who loved and appreciated this unique column.