Iguana Iguana: Guide for Successful Captive Care

This second edition is now improved by: a 35% increase in page count; the addition of 16 pages of new colour photos (the colour section has tripled); a redesigned and expanded text to make it more user-friendly; and the inclusion of published data, current to January 1995. An entirely new section has been added to this edition which includes information on scoliosis and kyphoscoliosis; an admonition against purposeful cooling to achieve restraint; and material on normal physiologic values, sources of reptile-related products, and fluid therapy, including intramedullary (intraosseous). This new and expanded edition, which is devoted to the green iguana, includes the following: reproduction and captive breeding; normal and abnormal behaviour; information on safe and effective methods of restraint; prevention, diagnosis and treatment of nutrition related diseases; the development of metabolic bone disease; infectious diseases and non-infectious conditions; a discussion of ophthalmic disorders; miscellaneous causes of anaemia, skin diseases, abnormal stool, colour changes, tail and claw disorders and care; and fractures and their management.