Igniting Student Potential: Teaching with the Brain's Natural Learning Process

Handle With Care' should be on the front cover so that the eager teacher uses the book as an inspirational resource' Roy Bentley, Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia 'A wonderful guidebook for people moving toward constructivism and for many who are already there' Geoffrey Caine, Director, Caine Learning 'Fosters a refreshing educational discourse of possibility and offers some very useful classroom strategies that work with today's youth' Peter P. Grimmett, Director, Institute for Studies in Teacher Education, Simon Fraser University Kindle students' excitement for learning with transformative, field-tested strategies and lessons! Students are natural thinkers and pattern-seekers who are born to learn. Tapping into their innate abilities is the key to engaging students in their own learning. This innovative guide helps teachers maximize student engagement and achievement by combining brain research, classroom applications, and teaching skills based on the Natural Human Learning Process (NHLP).Ideal for preservice and inservice teacher training and professional development, this superb resource covers: - Working with diverse learners from PreK through high school and beyond - Curriculum applications and sample lessons across content areas, teaching methods, and learning styles - Research and theory, instructional planning and strategies, assessment, teaching for transfer, and more.