I Remember the Location Exactly

Robert Koch was a court jeweller who had founded his store in 1879. His father had served in the German army during the first world war and saw action on the French and Russian fronts. He had married into another prominent family -- the Kahns -- who had achieved wealth in banking. Eric Kochs memoir documents, in a very personal way, the life of his family, the circle of their friends, and the life of Frankfurt generally from 1919 onward. It also covers his experiences at school and university in England after his emigration in 1935, and his internment as an enemy alien in England and Canada. It is a book full of colourful characters and entertaining incidents -- all based upon fact. The 30 chapters are all written in different styles -- some are narratives, others are short dramatic scenes, others are diary entries and letters. The book is at the same time -- a series of short stories, vignettes, portraits and more.