Hundertwasser's Architecture Building for Nature and Humankind: For a More Human Architecture in Harmony with Nature

Revolt against the straight line: The highly irregular architecture of a freethinking artist A house must be a living, organic entity that develops and constantly changes, stated Friedensreich Hundertwasser in one of his arguments for his nature- and human-oriented architecture. Success vindicated his vision: roof afforestation, organic forms, colorful facades, uneven floors, irregularly positioned windows, gilded onion domes Hundertwasser s architecture is unmistakable. From the beginning of his artistic career in the 50s, Hundertwasser was preoccupied with architecture in his painting. Then began his engagement with manifestos, essays and demonstrations; later followed architectural models in which he illustrated, for example, his ideas on roof afforestation and an individual s right to his very own window. As an architectural doctor he created unregimented irregularities and realized exemplary architectural projects. This comprehensive directory of Hundertwasser s architectural works presents all his buildings and projects, whether realized or not, tracing them from the first sketches, through to models, and completion. Dr. Andrea Christa Furst, a longtime employee of the Hundertwasser Archive, made a major contribution to this publication.