Hume as Philosopher of Society, Politics and History

The idea of Hume as a philosopher of culture has only recently gained general acceptance; yet as far back as 1941 the Journal of the History of Ideas was publishing essays on Hume which reflected this aspect of his work. The essays selected for this volume range back as far as 1941, but they may be viewed as more timely than ever, given the recent interest in Hume as a philosopher of society, politics and history. The image of Hume that emerges from these essays is little known to most professional philosophers, yet the foundations for this philosophy were laid in Hume's first book, A Treatise of Human Nature (1739). The rest of his philosophical work may be viewed as an application of the master science of nature framed in that book. The essays in this volume aim to inspire philosophers to take a fresh look at Hume and to explore the philosophy of culture he drew out of the Treatise .