Human Resource Management in Australia and New Zealand provides a comprehensive approach to the subject. Firstly, it provides the reader with a perspective covering both the Australian and New Zealand contexts. Secondly, it integrates behavioural aspects aligned to organisation behaviour in the overall context of the management of people in the workplace. The book deliberately includes chapters on motivation and teamwork to give a practical approach in exploring the interdependency between human resources and organisational behaviour in the workplace. Thirdly, the themes in the book address contemporary issues which cover specific human resource components such as human resources information systems (HRIS) and equal employment opportunity (EEO). This provides learners with an overall perspective of not only the human resource functions, but also the more contemporary issues that impact on the core functions of human resource management. Fourthly, the chapter on international human resource management in particular focuses on issues extending beyond standard human resources within a particular country. It also provides the international perspective necessitated by the global economy within which both Australian and New Zealand organisations operate. Each chapter includes: Learning Outcomes (to prepare students for the key points in the chapter ahead) Key terms and concepts (at the beginning of each chapter and featured in margin notes) Illustrative Cases (to set the scene and illustrate the type of content to follow) Case in Point (Contemporary and real examples to expose students to the realities of their field) Reflective Notes (to encourage a questioning and reflective approach to the issues raised)