HPLC Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis: HPLC and CE Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis CD

HPLC and CE Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis, The complete, up-to-date library at the click of a mouseThis invaluable database gives you fast, easy access to more than 13,000 abstracts from the current literature on HPLC and capillary electrophoresis (CE). Incorporating the four-volume HPLC Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis plus the newly introduced Capillary Electrophoresis for Pharmaceutical Analysis, this CD-ROM features an extensive library of methods used in the analysis of most pharmaceutical compounds. It lists available HPLC techniques for more than 1,300 compounds and CE methods for more than 700 compounds, with a number of techniques described for each compound. Detailed, precise information lets you replicate methods without having to refer to the original publications as well as customize methods for very specific needs. You can instantly locate basic compound information--molecular weight and formula, CAS number, and Merck index number--plus experimental conditions for each method. Complex and substructure searching capabilities let you search the entire database by compound, matrix, HPLC variables, and author--saving you countless hours of online or library research.Minimum system requirements:IBM-compatible PC 486 Win95 or higherCD-ROM drive 8MB RAMXXXMB free hard disk spaceVisit us on the Internet: www wiley.com