How to Win Grants: 101 Winning Strategies

Paperback / softback
How to Win Grants demonstrates a three-stage grant development model distilled into 101 actionable strategies. In stage one, Prepare, grantseekers begin by assessing their personal and agency fundability and improving their positioning for grants, learning shortcuts to planning successful grant projects and finding out how to locate the most likely sources of grant funding. This section also dispels widespread myths about grantseeking and identifies unproductive grantseeking behaviors to avoid. In stage two, Persuade, grantseekers learn how to convince private and public grant makers that their project deserves funding by adapting their project plan to the specific needs of each funder. Grantseekers learn how to engage the funder's interest and make the most compelling case for their project. In stage three, Perform, grantseekers learn the most important ways to continue attracting grant funding for the long-term.