How to Take Monster Bucks: Secrets to Finding Trophy Deer

How to Take Monster Bucks will reveal the secret strategies of men who consistently bag older age-class deer each season. There is a price to pay to be the best at any sport, and trophy deer hunting is no different. But this book will save you thousands of hunting hours in your pursuit of monster bucks. Special Features *Cackle to monster bucks *Double-call trophy deer *Find big bucks in cattle country *Take the smartest bucks on the land you hunt *Hunt late-season trophies *Find wall-hanging bucks on your kitchen table For more than three decades, John E. Phillips has hunted white-tailed deer across the nation. He has gathered information for his newspaper columns and magazine articles on the out-of-doors for the past 20 years. The award-winning author of 18 books, Phillips has made his living learning the secrets of how expert hunters take white-tailed deer.