How to Survive Your Marriage: By Hundreds of Happy Couples Who Did

Paperback / softback
Whether you are just about to take the big plunge or have already been married for 50 years, most couples discover that it takes a lot more than saying I do to reach wedded bliss. With How to Survive Your Marriage, both newlyweds and longer-married couples can benefit from the collective wisdom of hundreds of people who have learned how to make their marriages work, and who share their hard-earned advice in this book. Unlike other books on marriage, which typically offer the opinion of a single author, How to Survive Your Marriage provides real-world advice from hundreds of seasoned couples who have experienced first-hand the trials and triumphs of marriage. With nearly 1,000 stories and pieces of advice, How to Survive Your Marriage has something to offer couples of all ages and at all stages. The book includes tips on getting engaged and wedding planning, learning how to communicate, dealing with money matters, in-laws, and kids, balancing work and play, and finding time for sex. How to Survive Your Marriage is a great stand-alone read, but it's also a wonderful companion book to other so-called expert types of marriage manuals. Its light-hearted approach and focus on the stories of everyday people make it an easy read and pain-free therapy for anxious newlyweds or struggling couples.? ?Simple tricks to help save your marriage.? ?WCBS Radio, New York ?I love this book!? ?Lifetime Radio host Donna Britt ?How to Survive Your Marriage is compiled of marriage saving tips from real couples and one includes stripping your clothes off when you have an argument.? ?Wireless Flash News Inc. a fun companion to research-based marriage manuals.? ?Drs. Patrick and Michelle Gannon, Psychologists/Couples Experts and Founders of Marriage Prep 101