How to Startle Yourself: Life After Self-Help Books

Paperback / softback
Here's the Golden Opportunity: Let's say you have a roof, food, warmth, wheels and literacy and still wonder why you're discontented or baffled and don't know why? First we have to ask the right questions, and here they are. Everyone has a singular point of view and a unique set of beliefs yet may still yearn for clarity about them. Some of your answers will surely surprise and even startle you. Thus begins the shift into appreciating who you really are and what your purpose might be. This book is a simple, joyful yet provocative tool for that clarification. A little quiet and guided introspection is all that's required, and Life will never be the same. 'How to STARTLE YOURSELF' is a fabulous daily tool for the evolution of our Souls. Use this book and change yourself; ergo, your life!" says Harriette King, wisest of women, author of The Divine Bitch Handbook' and Crimes of the Spirit'.