How to Shop with Mary, Queen of Shops

Paperback / softback
By 2008, the clothing market will be worth an estimated GBP22.2 billion. Womenswear accounts for over 60 per cent of the apparel retail market in Britain. Where you shop is more important than ever to the high street, but how you shop is even more important to you. How To Shop looks at shopping through the other end of the telescope: from the consumer's point of view. Mary lets us in on the tricks and tips she's learned from her years at the leading edge of fashion retailing with the ultimate insider's guide to how to get the most out of shops.When to hit the sales, how to read a shop window, who you are as a shopper in the eyes of the retail trade, how to transform arrogant shop assistants into willing slaves; How To Shop tells you everything you wanted to know about shopping but were too afraid to ask. Mary Portas is the woman who turned Harvey Nichols from the place you went to get your Barbour repaired and your tiara polished to a modern powerhouse of fashion and style. Today, she's one of the most respected figures in the fashion industry, she runs her own retail consultancy, Yellowdoor, and writes a regular shop review column for The Saturday Telegraph . What Mary doesn't know about shops isn't worth knowing. Combining must have tips and tricks with a fascinating insight into the inner workings of the world's top fashion retailers, How To Shop is the ultimate 21st century guide to shopping. Don't leave home without it!