How to Integrate the Curricula

'This book should make educators stop and consider exactly what they mean when they discuss curriculum integration' - Julie Prescott, Assessment Coordinator Vallivue High School, Caldwell, ID. 'The biggest strength of Fogarty's work is its clear, concise organization centered on the guiding questions of each chapter' - John C. Baker, Eighth-Grade Social Studies Teacher, Salem Middle School, Apex, NC. For both students and teachers, the mission is essential: to connect ideas, discern themes, and thread skills of various content areas into a cohesive whole. Yet, the question remains: 'What does integrating the curricula really mean?' The answers are provided in this updated resource that helps teachers create brain-compatible, learner-centered classrooms and better prepare students for lifelong learning. Based on a four-pronged rationale for using an integrated curriculum - including findings from brain-based research, parental concerns, practitioner challenges, and student perspectives - Robin Fogarty offers ten models that allow teams of teachers to work together to group elements from various content areas into a coherent curriculum that effectively meets standards. The discussion of each model includes: a description of the model; how the model can be applied in the classroom; benefits and challenges of the model for teaching and learning; guidelines for when and how to implement the model in the classroom; and a wealth of reproducibles to aid implementation. How to Integrate the Curricula offers the support educators need to integrate concepts, skills, and attitudes and immerse students in content through self-selected, personally relevant learning experiences.