How Customers Like to Buy

Paperback / softback
This new title takes a careful and detailed look at the personality types of buyers and the way that the professional sales person needs to be aware of these when trying to make a sale. If a sale does not occur, the problem lies either with the seller or the buyer. Knowing about the buyer is vital. The book examines the gap between those who could buy and those who actually do buy, especially from the point of view of the personality type of the buyers. Steve Deery identifies four main types, the analytical, driver, amiable and expressive personalities, and shows how the astute salesperson can capitalise on this knowledge and operate accordingly, thereby greatly increasing the possibilities of a sale. The same characteristics can apply to the sellers and the book looks at the possible interactions, successes and failures of mis-matching types and personalities. This is a book for all professional sales people who seek to improve their sales figures and who are willing to take time to see the rationale behind the performance and personality of their customers and clients.