Housing, Fuel Poverty, and Health: A Pan-European Analysis

The first fully comparative study of fuel poverty across the EU, this work analyses the relationship between domestic energy efficiency, fuel poverty and health. The book adopts a holistic approach, incorporating a large number of social and economic risk factors to present a large-scale, cross-country, longitudinal analysis. The book is unique in: * Developing a new (consensual) methodology for calculating cross-country fuel poverty levels; * Presenting a detailed econometric/statistical analysis of EU fuel poverty; * Detailing the results of an empirical investigation of EU housing conditions, affordability and housing satisfaction; * Identifying risk factors related to seasonal variations in mortality across the EU; * Offering an empirical examination of health outcomes associated with fuel poverty; * Providing startling new evidence on fuel poverty in Southern Europe. Housing, Fuel Poverty and Health provides a powerful reference source for researchers and practitioners in the areas of energy economics, public health and epidemiology, housing and social policy.