House of Talon

House of Talon (book 1) Welcome to Home, at least that is what we call it. To use terms you are familiar with you are on a planet in orbit around a double star system in what you call Orion, but to us, it is Home. In time if you are lucky, you may come to call it that as well. Wildcard wakes up after a very brutal night and finds himself in a different world entirely. Here here are two suns, people are efficient and loyal. Honor and integrity are key traits found in everyone. Wealth is abundant and love I sacred. But in the Home world Wildcard quickly finds that all is not as it seems. House loyalties are in question, a new arrival changes all things.Is his an existence too good to be true? House of Talon is a society of those who follow a power exchange structure. One leads and one follows.Friendships and allies are strong.A world far different than Earth. A world where you are either serving or being served. Wildcard soon learns that in this world, there are only two types of people.