Hooey Higgins and the Storm

Series: Hooey Higgins
Like flying? Like dogs? Like to see a FLYING DOG? Well, hurry on down to Shrimpton-on-Sea...Shrimpton-on-Sea is being walloped by some serious weather. Basbo is looking for a lucky charmsy to keep him safe; Will is inventing Wet and Windy Weather Gear, including Float Coat and Wind-Cutting Wimple ...oh, and there's a flying dog in the skies above the town. So, will Dingbat the Dog survive his aeronautic adventure? Will Basbo survive the tree that falls on his toilet? Will Will's Wet and Windy Weather Gear be ANY HELP AT ALL? Find out in this seventh wet-and-windy adventure about Hooey and friends. Gales of laughter are forecast.