Homemade Preserves & Jams: Over 90 Recipes for Luscious Jams, Tangy Marmalades, Crunchy Chutneys, and More

If you have a prolific fruit tree in your garden or get carried away at the farmer’s market you often end up with far more produce than you can eat. What to do with the surplus? Homemade Preserves and Jams is a wonderful collection of over 90 seasonal, easy-to-follow recipes for all kinds of delicious, sweet and savory jams, preserves, and more, plus recipes for incorporating them into your cooking. Stunningly photographed, author Mary Tregellas shares her recipes for luscious jams, juicy jellies, tangy curds, tropical marmalades, aromatic chutneys, crunchy pickles, intoxicating cordials, and more to eat on their own or with scones, rice pudding, or waffles; or to incorporate into plum cake, a mango chicken dish, or pesto sauce. And even a few bread recipes to spread them on—the possibilities are endless! In addition to the recipes, the introduction offers a wealth of specific and invaluable advice on how to plan, preserve, and store your wares, starting with "Useful Equipment", "A Note on Ingredients", and "General Preserving Tips." This beautiful book is both entertaining to read—interspersed with anecdotes, literary quotations, and a little bit of history—and practical to follow. So whether you are new to preserving or a seasoned jam-maker it is sure to be a sweet and savory addition to your cookbook shelf.