Homemade: Gorgeous Things to Make With Love

Making it yourself rather than buying it off the shelf has never been trendier. Many more of us are getting out the knitting needles and sewing kit. Homemade is packed full of ideas. From crocheted coat-hangers to cordials and cupcakes, cushion covers made from vintage blankets, old shirts cut up to make summer bunting or beautifully simple decorating ideas for an old-fashioned Christmas tree, here are over a hundred ways of adding individuality to your home and to the things you give. While the book is practical and project-based, covering everything from knitting gloves to making natural moth repellents and devising the most gorgeous hand-made gift wrapping, it is also aspirational and chic. Many of the ideas are incredibly simple and can be done in minutes; some are more of a labour of love; all have clear instructions and gorgeous accompanying photographs.