Some wars are never over om an award-winning author, a breathtaking new novel that holds a mirror up to contemporary Australia. Martin Godwin is a man alone. Divorced from his wife, in an uneasy relationship with his son, and with complicated, guilty feelings towards his lover, Nora, he is also a veteran of Vietnam, haunted by the fear that his exposure to dangerous chemicals such as Agent Orange has triggered his son's depression; and haunted too by the events of one sweltering afternoon during a raid on a village. these memories become more urgent when an old soldier comes calling, asking for Martin's silence as he establishes a political career. this powerful novel winds the strands of Martin's life - father, comrade, lover, unwilling conspirator and reluctant spiritual searcher - into a seamless and compelling whole. through its lens we are given a snapshot of contemporary Australia, groping towards meaning in a rapidly changing world. 'A very Australian story, told with a refreshing simplicity and a convincing self-deprecationThis is soul writing.' - Weekend Australian 'Homecoming promises to shoot [Khan] into the A-list of contemporary fiction writers.' - the Age 'Homecoming is a significant novel...It is bold, often convincing and always readable.' - Australian Book Review