Holz Hollywood: 30 Years of Portraits

Holz Hollywood is the true Hollywood story of George Holz, protege of Helmut Newton and one of the famous 'Three Boys from Pasadena'. Holz Hollywood is a rich narrative of celebrity portraiture spanning over three decades. Renate Gruber describes his images as having an 'unexplainable elegance in a very European style...,' full of 'allure' and 'elite imagery' that is 'above reality'. Holz Hollywood conveys his 'intense admiration of and respect for' his subjects, revealing portraits of the world's elite film stars, athletes, and musicians. Holz's portraits are a virtual Who's Who of Hollywood, including Angelina Jolie, Jack Nicholson, Cameron Diaz, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, and countless others. In Holz Hollywood, Grammy Award winner George Holz presents an intimate glimpse into a glamorous world. Limited to just 300 copies, this stunning edition comes in a box, with a limited edition print of Hollywood goddess Cameron Diaz.