Hollywood Screenwriting Directory: A Specialized Resource for Discovering Where & How to Sell Your Screenplay

Screenwriting Market Intel You Won't Find Anywhere Else Mailing out submissions based on some contact information you found on the Internet isn't enough to get your script sold. What's truly valuable to an aspiring screenwriter is the kind of specific details you can only get through years of Industry experience. That's why The Writers Store compiled the Hollywood Screenwriting Directory, the product of more than three decades working directly with the people behind the world's favorite films. This targeted reference book features: * Verified contact information for Hollywood buyers, including phone numbers, and street and email addresses * Crucial details like whether they accept unsolicited material and how they prefer to receive submissions * A guide to proper script format and advice on packaging your submission * Step-by-step instructions for writing professional query letters, treatments, and log lines Plus, you'll find samples throughout, illustrated with tips and pointers to help you create a quality submission. With the Hollywood Screenwriting Directory by your side, you'll have a reliable resource that significantly ups your chances of script-selling success!