HIV/AIDS in Sport: Impact, Issues and Challenges

Now you can sort through the many complex issues regarding HIV, AIDS, and sport with this definitive, multidisciplinary book. You'll learn the medical facts about HIV and AIDS and discover the important role you play in prevention and control of HIV. HIV/AIDS in Sport debunks common myths and enables you to establish standardized guidelines that take medical, ethical, and legal concerns into account.

With HIV/AIDS in Sport, you will learn:

-Epidemiological, immunological, and clinical aspects of HIV/AIDS

-How to deal with social, psychological, and legal issues regarding HIV/AIDS

-How to establish appropriate guidelines for testing

-Where to find resources including national and state organizations, hotlines, and websitesYou will also learn the personal stories of high-profile athletes who have been afflicted with HIV, including Earvin Magic Johnson, Arthur Ashe, and Greg Louganis. This section--along with a personal account of a group of non-professional athletes who are living with HIV/AIDS--offers an evocative portrait of the emotional, social, and psychological dimensions of the disease from the perspective of both sports professionals and amateur athletes.

The book also explores a wide range of issues, including whether HIV-positive athletes should participate in sports, ethical decision making and policy implementation, the effects of HIV and exercise on the immune system, and legal issues. The book's resource section includes national organization contacts, state hotlines, and websites.

Drawing from the knowledge of experts in diverse disciplines including health, sports medicine, law, sociology, philosophy, and psychology, this concise book answers all your questions surrounding the complex relationship between sport and HIV/AIDS.