HIV/AIDS at Year 2000: A Sourcebook for Social Workers

This text provides cutting edge information about HIV/AIDS, how the disease affects communities, and how social workers work within those communities and with those infected with HIV/AIDS. The author states, In order to practice competently, all social workers need to have a grounding in HIV issues so they can serve those populations at risk. The text brings together the latest medical, psychosocial, and value and ethics issues surrounding HIV, through vignettes that illustrate the problems and challenges. The text takes an ecosystems perspective, and specifically examines how the epidemic has ravaged poor communities and communities of color. In addition to Dr. Lynch, who is the Director of the National Research and Training Center on Social Work and HIV/AIDS at Boston College, there are a number of contributors who are also recognized national leaders in HIV/AIDS in social work. In Section III, the book explores some of the macro issues around HIV/AIDS, including policy and prevention.