History of Africa: v. 4: History of Africa v. 4; Contemporary Developments Contemporary Developments

A fourth volume has been added to Dr. Harry A. Gailey's distinguished series on African history: VOL. 1 - From Earliest Times to 1800 VOL. 2 - From 1800 to 1945 VOL. 3 - From 1945 to Present Volume IV, Contemporary Developments, takes up the account of happenings in the 1990s. Because these developments are too extensive and complicated to simply add to Volume 3, it was decided to make a separate volume. An introduction, African Realities, provides an overview of the many problems confronting Africa today. This introduction includes a description of circumstances prior to 1990, so that more recent events will not be out of context. There are discussions about civil wars, misgovernment and corruption, genocide, AIDS, and the general deterioration of the quality of life. Dr. Gailey's new book offers a fairly concise record of major developments in each country throughout sub-Saharan Africa in last decade of the twentieth century.