Historical Atlas of Central Europe: Revised and Expanded Edition

Paperback / softback
Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2003The Historical Atlas of Central Europe covers the area from Poland, Lithuania, and the eastern part of Germany to Greece and western Turkey and extends in time from the early fifth century to the present. This new edition of the Historical Atlas of East Central Europe, first published in 1993 to great acclaim, incorporates the enormous political changes that have taken place since 1989, taking into account comments from seventy-five reviewers from seventeen countries. The final third of the volume has been completely reconceptualized and reconfigured with new maps, text, and statistical tables. The bibliography has been updated and expanded.New Features: -- Twenty-one new maps-- Forty-one revised maps-- Eleven maps of newly independent countries-- Eleven new chapters-- Eight new thematic maps covering twentieth-century population changes, distribution, education, and Catholic and Orthodox churches