High Speed Signal Propagation: Advanced Black Magic

Raves for Dr. Johnson's previous classic, High-Speed Digital Design! ...one of the finest efforts to come along in the field of applied high-speed digital design because of its focus on providing tools for the whole design team bringing a high-speed product to life. For all the PCB designers and circuit designers out there, buy it; read it; keep it. -- Dan Baumgartner, Printed Circuit Design Faster and farther: State-of-the-art signal transmission techniques In High-Speed Signal Propagation, Howard Johnson and Martin Graham bring together state-of-the-art techniques for building digital interconnections that can transmit faster, farther, and more efficiently than ever before. Packed with new examples and never-before-published high-speed design guidance, this book offers a complete and unified theory of signal propagation for all metallic media, from cables to pcb traces to chips.Coverage includes: *Managing tradeoffs between speed and distance *Physical theory of signal impairments: skin and proximity effects, dielectric loss, surface roughness, and non-TEM mode propagation *Generalized frequency- and step-response models *Calculation of time-domain waveforms from frequency-domain transfer functions *Differential signaling: Edge-coupled and broadside-coupled differential pairs, bends, intra-pair skew, differential trace geometry impedance, crosstalk, and radiation *Inter-cabinet connections: Coax, twisted-pair, fiber, equalizers, and LAN building wiring *Clock distribution: Special requirements, repeaters, multi-drop clock distribution, jitter, and power filtering *Simulation: Frequency domain simulation methods, Spice, and IBIS