Heroes Of The SASForces Regiment

Heroes of the SAS details the personal stories of men who have, through their extraordinary valour and devotion to duty, left their mark on the history of the British Army's elite Special Forces regiment. From the early days in North Africa during World War II to the war in the former Yugoslavia, this is a book packed with stories of outstanding bravery in the face of incredible hardship. The daring and audacity of the initial SAS operations against Rommel's Africa Korps, where characters such as Paddy Mayne made such an impact, provide start contrast to the clandestine undercover work against the IRA in Northern Ireland, where officers like Major Tony Ball risked their lives on covert operations. Every conflict in which the SAS has been involved, including the Falklands crisis and the Gulf War, has brought forth breathtaking stories of individual gallantry, making Heroes of the SAS a truly riveting read.