Herbal Healing: A Practical Introduction to Medicine Herbs

Chamomile tea, comfrey compresses, rosemary liniment - nature's own medicine cabinet is just as popular now as it was in grandmother's time. But today, we have the added confidence of scientific approval and safety. Nowadays, many people are turning to the healing power of herbs in the belief that herbs, when used correctly, are safer and more effective than many orthodox drugs. Herbal Healing, a comprehensive introduction to herbalism, answers many of the questions surrounding medicinal plants. Information such as which herbs are safe, how herbal remedies work, how herbal medicines can be prepared at home, which herbs are used for various ailments, and how to train as an herbalist is clearly presented. It combines modern scientific research with herbal lore and includes description and uses of one hundred of the most commonly used herbs; identification, collection and storage of medicinal plants; making herbal medicines; dosage tables; and herbal medicine throughout the world's cultures.