Help Your Child with Maths: Makes Maths Make Sense!

Help Your Child with Maths is written to enable parents and their children to work together at home to grow their children's maths ability. It's the perfect solution for every parent wanting to make certain that his or her child is completely up to speed with maths. Help Your Child with Maths is full of clearly explained knowledge and guidance to help children practise and learn. There are masses of highly creative activities for every maths topic to help retain attention and make learning fun, even for the most restless child! Closely aligned to Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence and also suitable for Key Stage 2, Help Your Child with Maths makes certain that the child learns exactly the right maths at the right time. It comprises all maths topics included in Level 2 of the curriculum, which is routinely studied by children between the ages of 9 and 12, though also sometimes by younger and older learners. In particular Help Your Child with Maths can provide invaluable assistance for children during the transition from primary to secondary school - when children can struggle to keep up with maths - and in the build up to Level 3.