Hearts' Greatest Ever Season 1957-58: The 50th Anniversary Celebration

This is the new updated paperback edition. In the proud history of Heart of Midlothian football club, one season stands out as their finest ever. Now, fifty years on from that memorable 1957/58 campaign which brought the League Championship to Gorgie, read the full inside story of how they did it and what it meant to the fans. It was without question the golden age of the club, when players like Alfie Conn Sr, Willie Bauld, Jimmy Wardhaugh, Dave Mackay and Alex Young left Rangers and Celtic trailing in their wake, scored a record number of goals in a season and won the League Championship by a huge margin.In Hearts' Greatest Ever Season , lifelong supporter Mike Buckle brings the whole remarkable story to life and details how, after sixty-one years without a championship win, the club finally achieved their goal. For Hearts fans who remember those heady days, this is an apt and nostalgic reminder of the times. For younger fans who have lived through the rollercoaster years of the Wallace Mercer era, the Deans and Robinson ownership, the threats of the club being wound up and the Romanov revolution which has promised so much but failed to deliver, Hearts' Greatest Ever Season offers the hope that history might one day be repeated and that the dream of the League title returning to Gorgie could become reality once again.