Healthy Brain Aging: Evidence Based Methods to Preserve Brain Function and Prevent Dementia, an Issue of Clinics in Geriatric Medicine

Series: The Clinics: Internal Medicine (v. 26-1)
This issue examines what is a healthy aging brain and covers preventive measures for successful cognitive aging. Topics covered in this title include: a road map to healthy aging brain; cardiovascular risk factors, cerebrovascular disease burden and healthy aging brain; healthy aging brain - impact of head injury, alcohol and environmental toxins; healthy aging brain - what has sleep go to do with it; endocrine aspects of healthy aging brain; healthy aging brain - role of exercise and physically active lifestyle; healthy aging brain - role of nutrition and nutritional supplements; healthy aging brain - role of cognitive reserve, cognitive stimulation and cognitive exercises; healthy aging brain: impact of positive and negative emotions; dementia risk predictor - are we there yet; potential future neuroprotective therapies for neurodegenerative disorders and stroke; and, healthy aging brain - importance of promoting resilience and creativity.