Health Effect Assessments of the Basic Acrylates

Health Effect Assessments of the Basic Acrylates is the first book to provide a comprehensive discussion of the toxicological and ecotoxicological effects of the five major high-production volume acrylates: acrylic acid and the methyl, ethyl, butyl, and 2-ethylhexyl esters. Insightful interpretations of the effects of these acrylates on human populations and the environment are presented, and the severity of observed toxic responses is documented. The nature of the responses is discussed in relation to the metabolism and biological reactivity of the acid and each of the esters. Current areas of investigative toxicology as they apply to these chemicals are critically reviewed. The book also presents discussions on other significant aspects of the subject, including the mechanisms of forestomach tumor formation and the role of irritation in toxic responses. This volume stands alone as a complete review of these monomers and will be the standard reference for toxicologists, industrial hygienists, chemical engineers, chemists, and other researchers who need a foundation for research, testing, and development of sound risk assessments for these chemicals.