Health and Development in Our Time: Selected Speeches of Sir George Alleyne

Described as a Renaissance man of the twenty-first century, Sir George Alleyne, Chancellor of the University of the West Indies and Director Emeritus of the Pan American Health Organization, is one of the Caribbean's finest scholars. As a physician, scientist and public health leader, Sir George has had a profound impact on the Caribbean and the Americas, and the wider world. In this collection of oratory spanning three decades, readers are treated to the scope and breadth of George Alleyne's intellect. Rigorous and meticulous as a researcher, the 28 speeches bear witness to his disciplined, yet elegant skill as a Specialist in several fields, and Generalist in one - as a public health leader. Covering a range of topics delivered to various audiences at varying venue, this book brings Sir George's message of the quest for better health, to a wider audience. From medical and health research, to globalization and national security, chronic disease research and the challenges of HIV and Aids to the Caribbean, the speeches are expressions of global themes. Health and Development in Our Time resonates with the considered reflection of a Caribbean leader in World Health and will enrich the lives of its readers. Caribbean and world citizens alike will benefit from the eloquent expositions delivered by Sir George Alleyne.