He Writes About Us: An Autobiography of a Chicago Journalist

The surprising and true life story of a Chicago newspaperman whose disability and seven years in the Franciscan Order of monks ultimately led him to create new waves in journalism, He Writes About Us is the autobiography of journalist Kenan Heise. Using the power of kindness and the press, Heise countered the depersonalization of the news by telling the stories of ordinary people from all walks of life, especially consumers, women, the poor, and minorities, and in doing so broke through long-established barriers of reporting. He writes about how his monastic life and his epilepsy influenced his journalism and relates his encounters with the extraordinary writers and individuals who supported him in adopting his highly original style. In an age of instant, international communication, competition for readership is much stronger than ever before, and Heise's life story shows aspiring journalists and reporters that a personalist approach to writing can attract readers and hold their interest while delivering meaningful information.