Handbook of Component Engineering

Handbook of Component Engineering begins with an overviewof Component Engineering. The authors explain the requiredbackground knowledge, training, and electronics skills a CE needsto be sucessful. They then describe the relationship of a CE toother departments, such as R&D engineers, manufacturingoperations, internal and external salespersons. The middle part of the book delves more specifically into surveys, audits, and procedures a CE will use on a day-to-day basis. Readerscan reference dozens of specific components (fasteners, batteries, sensors, etc.), their theory of operation, typical failure modes, symbols, and schematics. The third part of the Handbook provides resources for managingobsolescence, regulatory compliance, emergency situations, andcounterfeit parts. The authors provide inspection tools, basic anduniversal test equipment for component measurements, and guidancefor beginning, junior, and senior CEs, as well as managers andexecutives.