Handbook Of Business Practices And Growth In Emerging Markets

The Handbook of Business Practices and Growth in Emerging Markets consists of a collection of specially commissioned chapters that describe the current business environment, organizational culture, consumer behavior, financial investment climate, and examples of best prevailing practices in emerging markets. It covers all the major functional areas of business - marketing, strategy, operations and finance - in all continents. The focus of each chapter is on the identification of different business issues in different emerging markets (including Asia, Africa and South America) and on the implementation of a proposed set of recommendations, using both qualitative and quantitative techniques to assist in decision-making and in improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Readers will also appreciate the multidimensional view of financial and non-financial performance measurement of businesses.Specifically, the goal of this research-based handbook is to provide a comprehensive guide for business students and managers by discussing a range of issues from the diverse emerging markets and enabling them to develop a strategic mindset for a market-oriented culture. Given the changing business dynamics, government policies and demands in industries, this handbook is both timely and topical.