Handbook for Educational Leadership Interns: A Rite of Passage

Paperback / softback
Focused on making the internship experience enlightening, developmental, and enjoyable, Educational Administration Field Experiences is a hands-on guide for all individuals completing internships in both public and private schools. The internship experience is one of the most important parts of an educational administrative program, yet it is one for which there is the least student written support. This handbook is generic enough to fit all internship courses and yet it provides the exact kind of support to students allowing them to successfully plan and conduct a highly effective internship experience. The text includes worksheets, competency guides, surveys, forms, self-reflection tools, internship aids, guided reflections and, most importantly, planning techniques to ensure that students get the most from their internship experiences. It successfully integrates students' practical experiences, with learning aids, solid research and theory, and suggestions from practitioners related to best practices, making it a crucial tool in preparing for and executing a successful and worthwhile internship.