Gunshot Road: An Emily Tempest Mystery

Last seen in the award-winning Diamond Dove, Emily Tempest has a new job: an Aboriginal Community Police Officer. A cop. Not quite what she had in mind when she returned to Central Australia. If anything, her instincts and background would propel her in the opposite direction. But for an Aboriginal woman in a pissant mining and meatworks town, the career options are limited. And there's a car attached. Her new boss, the dour Superintendent Cockburn sees her role as making tea and rounding up the truants. But when one old friend is murdered out on the Gunshot Road and another one gets the blame, Emily leaps into the investigation feet first, mouth never far behind. Behind its veil of lyricism and quickfire wit, Gunshot Road transports the reader into a world few have ever seen up close: the Australian outback, where cultures collide, and where temperatures - and the odd bullet - go through the roof.